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One of my former students plays the 꽹과리.  He also introduced me to one of my favorite Korean music groups, 브로콜리 너마저


Apparently a year ago, I had a mad craving for spam musubi.


Two years ago I was in Taipei.  I had just received an email the day before about a job opportunity that sounded too good to be true.  I’m still pinching myself.  And I still remember the shocking but delicious mix of flavors in this peanut brittle burrito - salty, crunchy, sweet, cilantro-y. 

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Perfect post-pasta treat @FELLnCOLE (Taken with instagram)

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오랜만에 waiting in front of U-Plex (Taken with instagram)

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I was really craving 막국수 today but I’m avoiding gluten for a while so I decided to make my own version with 우뭇가사리묵.  I think I made the sauce too spicy and not sweet enough because now my mouth is on fire…

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Happy Father’s Day!  If I were in America, I would have tried to make breakfast for my dad.  This year I was really really lucky…my dad was in Seoul with me!  So my parents and I went to 삼청동 for lunch.

Even though we all claimed to be really full, we still managed to fit in some dessert…

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LA has the kogi truck but my neighborhood has a blood sausage truck!

I suppose it’s not truly fusion, but I dipped the pieces in sriracha instead of the salt mixture they gave me.  Does that count?

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Really REALLY organic…

I was cleaning this 돌나물 and noticed some funny-looking leaves.  Leaves that were crawling right out of the bowl.



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Spotted right after watching Kung Fu Panda 2. Korean bakeries are cute.

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Spring Fling

Way back in my college days we had something called Spring Fling where bands of varying levels of notoriety would come and play for us as we danced around outside, sneaking sips of beer, vodka, or mixed drinks from “ice tea” or “water” or “soda” bottles.

Sogang’s “spring fling” or spring festival started yesterday, and no amount of gloomy weather or drizzling rain has stopped these kids from being festive. 

Yesterday there were performances:

Schools with big budgets will bring in acts like SNSD but the students seemed to like watching their friends perform before the main act, UV, took the stage.

The real buzz (and I mean that literally - there’s a buzzing sound from all the students and tents and music and general hijinks) is in part thanks to these:

I learned a new word yesterday - 주점.  There are a bunch of these tents set up all around campus serving food and alcohol.  One of my students was manning the magic club tent yesterday so I watched card tricks and drank with current and former students until the wee hours of the morning.  

The number of tents seems to have multiplied tonight and my poor liver can’t handle a second round.  So now I’m back home trying to readjust my sleep schedule to a more normal one where people don’t fall asleep as the sun is rising…

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