Snow! Pink house!

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Science! and #americastestkitchen give us this magic chocolate flan cake

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#illbehomeforchristmas (at 인천국제공항 Incheon International Airport (ICN))

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Happy thanksgiving! Really missing @chkim06 today… #tbt

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Eating instant oatmeal with a fork because I forgot to pack a spoon. #saddeskbreakfast

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I love Christmas as much as the next person, but putting up trees before the autumn leaves have fallen? #slowdown #youmovetoofast

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Cluck, cluck, pull!

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Use the oven before it gets too hot outside #bakingsteel #pizza #modernistcuisine

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The hospital charges $16 for a 250 mL bottle of coffee. I suppose this is still cheaper than the $1000 they charged me for 2.2 mL of thyrogen… (at 서울아산병원 (ASAN Medical Center))

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PET scan fun

Other patient: Does it hurt?
Me: No, they give you a shot and then you just lie there for an hour before you get scanned.
Other patient: Oh my god is your face all puffy from the scan??!
I guess I look a lot worse than I thought...
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